Semana Santa Fair

Continuing an accounting of our Easter weekend celebration.  During priesthood session, Lucy and I took our kids to the Semana Santa fair down at the lake.  I had been watching it come together throughout the week; we had even walked down on Wednesday afternoon to ride some rides, assuming it didn’t take more than three days to set up.  It did.  😀

We did have a lot of fun watching it come together, though.  Ferris wheels, two-level trampolines, merry-go-round, a lot of foosball tables, carnival games, food booths, etc.  Terry’s favorite, that he insisted none of his kids could ride, was this ferris wheel.  You can’t tell, but it is literally being powered by a manual car engine.  It was entertaining watching the “driver” shift gears as the ferris wheel made its rounds

We got to the fair just at sunrise, so my pictures are taken in the evening.  Forgive me.  But this was a fun evening, and I want to share.

All week, the kids were dying to ride the tuk tuk ride.  Tuk tuks are everywhere in Guatemala.  A tuk tuk will take you anywhere in Pana for 5Q (less than a dollar).  All of the kids except Sabrina rode this ride.

These are the tuk tuks we see around town

These are my excited kids after riding/driving their own.

Shelby and Jonah enjoyed a ride with animal cars going around in circles.  My favorite part of this ride?  It was man-powered.  The operator spun it with his own hands; he’d get it going really fast then stop pushing for a while to let it slow down.  Then he’d get it spinning again.  And these rides were long!  No short one-minute rides.  It was great.

Miri went on this ferris wheel.  Again, this ride was man-powered.  This guy worked hard to get the cars rotating around the center.  Blake got on it originally, but the back and forth needed to propel it around made him nauseous.  We think she was able to ride it for 10-15 minutes.

Blake, Miri, and Jonah all rode the merry go round.  All of the kids, except Sabrina, enjoyed some time on the double-decker trampolines.  There was a slide and punching bags and lots of fun.

Now, lest you think Sabrina didn’t ride anything–she did go for the big rides.  Which were two boats that went back and forth.  She didn’t want to go alone, so she convinced Miri to go with her.  The last ride before we went home was seriously more than vertical; it was crazy.  But they loved it.


It was a great evening.  Evenings when I smile a lot are my favorites.

And you CANNOT tell her I posted this; but it isn’t on the Vlog.  😀

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