Easter fun

Choosing to live in Guatemala means missing out on life-long traditions.  And it is hard to do.  Especially for my kids; it is all they have known, moving here wasn’t their choice, and now they are missing things they found great joy in.

But on the flip side, it also means new traditions can be started; or we can at least learn about fantastic traditions other people enjoy.  And that’s just what we got to do on Easter.

Lucy’s family originates from Mexico; and growing up, they always had cascarone battles on Easter.  She called me two Fridays before the big day and told me to start saving my eggshells.  So as we made pancakes, scrambled eggs, french toast, anything involving eggs we would crack a hole in the top, remove the insides, rinse them out and put them back in their cartons. (did you enjoy that run-on sentence?)  This was a pain!  Luckily I have an awesome husband who likes to make me happy and took over most of that painful chore.

Then on Good Friday, we gathered as families to prepare the cascarones (this is what I was doing while Terry enjoyed the procession).  Which involved dying almost 180 eggs, filling them with confetti, and gluing tissue paper over the hole.  (Oh, and we didn’t have enough confetti so I spent over an hour cutting small pieces of tissue paper; that was fun!)

These kids dove right in with the decorating!

Then on Easter evening before dinner, the battle commenced.  And I apologize profusely ahead of time for the lack on ONE good picture of the cascarone showdown.  🙁  Gotta work on my photography skills.  But you can at least see how much fun everyone was having.



Sabrina notices I haven’t been attacked yet.


Coming in for the kill…


I would call our first cascarone battle a smashing success.  Maybe we can continue this tradition at home.

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  1. Shelly Swenson says: Reply

    When you get back home, you will discover that they sell them at Walmart for 1.88 per dozen. Fun without eating all those eggs! Love reading your blog!

  2. Anxiously awaiting your blog post detailed your fun off-roading experience in Lanquin . . . .

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