An Unknown Treasure

To most who read this entry, these look like ordinary garbage cans.  Little did we know when we moved to Panajachel that these simple garbage cans are valuable property. These are the second pair of cans we have purchased since being here.

During our first week in Panajachel, we were introduced to the way garbage pickup operates in this city.  On your garbage day, the truck drives toward your street ringing its alarm letting you know it has come.  You’d better be listening because you need to grab your garbage cans and get them on the street before it passes by.  But why can’t you just leave your cans out on the appointed day and bring them back in like I used to in Utah?  Because, as mentioned above, these are an unknown treasure.

Lucy had warned us not to leave our cans out.  We moved into our home on a Friday, the day Casa Cultiva’s garbage is picked up.  We were unpacking and had a lot of cardboard to get rid of when we heard a siren.  Blake and David took the garbage out, but the truck didn’t come.  Since it was our first time, we just assumed it would come by later.  We checked on it a few times but didn’t heed Lucy’s warning and just hoped it would come in a bit.

After a few hours, Blake came in and told us the garbage was still outside.  We asked him to bring them back in; obviously it was not our garbage day.  In those few minutes, someone had strewn our garbage on the ground and taken our precious cans.  😀  We could do nothing but laugh.

Don’t judge the world from your limited background; you never know the true value of the things and people you encounter.

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