A Day in the Life, part 1

It has been two weeks since I have written; how does this keep happening?!  It isn’t because there is so much excitement going on.  I guess life happens, and the blog obviously hasn’t become a habit yet.

And honestly, I have no idea what to write.  We have a life here very similar to the life we led at home, and it feels like snoresville most of the time.  But maybe if I begin writing, I will continue to write and find all of the magical moments that occur every day (they have to be there, right?).

Each morning I choose to make an issue out of it, there is a big struggle convincing Sabrina to get dressed.  She insists she has no shirts, so she has no desire to change out of her pajamas.  And I, in all my awesome momminess, proceed to roll my eyes and think she is just being ridiculous.  This morning as the “battle” commenced once more, I figured I had the option to take her seriously and see what we could do to remedy her wardrobe woes.

So we headed out this afternoon to shop, Panajachel style.  I don’t believe either of us were that hopeful.  Shopping here is nothing like shopping back at home.  I am not a big shopper as it is, and most of my kids’ clothes are purchased at Wal-Mart while I’m doing my other shopping.  But it was pretty simple–go to the area of the store containing their size, locate their size, find something cute for them to wear, try it on, like it, and buy it.  Simple enough.  Not here!

Here, shopping pretty much consists of pacas.  What is a paca you might ask?  Well, you know those clothes you and your children outgrow that you donate to the DI or Salvation Army or Savers?  And how those shops receive so many donations there is no way they could ever hope to sell all of them?  Yet they still want to do good with your “thoughtfulness”, so they take those extra clothes, shoes, toys, games, etc.; pack them up in boxes; and ship them to countries like Guatemala.  Where those boxes are received by good people who want to provide for their families; so they have rented space to showcase your donations, hoping their friends and neighbors like what they see and buy them.  There are a lot of pacas, with a lot of clothes and miscellaneous household items(that’s what I called them on all of the tax forms I filled out).

And we needed to search them hoping for something in Sabrina’s size that was remotely cute and short-sleeved (SO many long-sleeved shirts) and acceptable to my 12 year old.  A daunting task, but we were up to it.

I documented some of it (not enough, I know).  And Sabrina even cooperated!!!  HUGE win!

Now to get her new shoes–she has no good walking shoes and showed me the sores on her feet after our jaunt around town.  🙁  Wish us luck!

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  1. Good luck! I’m a shopper, I’ll join you when we get there!

  2. Shopping! Sounds like an adventure in Guatemala! 😉 THAT is awesome mommies!

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