A Day in the Life, part 1

It has been two weeks since I have written; how does this keep happening?!  It isn’t because there is so much excitement going on.  I guess life happens, and the blog obviously hasn’t become a habit yet. And honestly, I have no idea what to write.  We have a life here very similar to the […]

The Orphanage

Service, this is one thing I wanted to do a lot of when we started homeschooling.  I wanted it to be an important aspect of our lifestyle.  Yet as with so many other things I wanted to accomplish with homeschooling, I just never seemed able to make time for this.  So when we made the […]

An Unknown Treasure

To most who read this entry, these look like ordinary garbage cans.  Little did we know when we moved to Panajachel that these simple garbage cans are valuable property. These are the second pair of cans we have purchased since being here. During our first week in Panajachel, we were introduced to the way garbage […]