Being Authentic

This is Trista. This blog is supposed to be my responsibility.  So far I am batting zero. The problem is, I have been in what some might call a funk since leaving the United States. And we don’t want the story of our life to be a downer; that would not be a true reflection of our life. So every time I have thought of making an entry I have chosen to be distracted instead.

Well, no more! I am choosing to be authentic (without being overly negative). Because honestly, I hope someday someone else who chooses to follow their dreams finds this blog and knows they aren’t alone when maybe their dream didn’t turn out exactly how they thought. I want them to know it’s true what they say–sometimes things can really suck before they become great. Hopefully they will recognize some of their own frustrations in my writings and keep moving forward because they see how amazing it is on the other side.

The funny thing is I have to laugh as I reread that first paragraph. I really have been in a funk since leaving my home country; but if you were to ask me how I liked Mexico, I would tell you I absolutely loved it! And I am already looking forward to our first visa run because I get to go back. Interesting how time can change perspective.

I am still struggling; I still wake up every morning dreading aspects of the day; and I sorely miss many aspects of the life I left behind. But I am still here; Terry is happy; my kids are adjusting well; Sabrina is showing signs that she might be willing to admit she likes us someday; I am sleeping better than I have in almost two years; I wake up to a beautiful backyard; and I know that as soon as I choose to face my fears I will conquer them! When I do, I will embrace all that this life I have chosen has to offer; and I will be that much stronger because of it.

Quite frankly, I look forward to meeting the Trista on the other side of this.

Would you like to join me on my journey?

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  1. Yes I’m joining you and I can’t wait to meet the new and evolved Trisha. I love you!!

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