Holy Crap Are We Really Doing This? Part 2

We are in the process of driving to Guatemala.  It’s a rather surreal feeling.  I just sold my house, and either sold or gave away most of our possessions, and quit my job.  I am homeless, and unemployed…on purpose.

Once the plan to do this was hatched it went through many iterations.  We were going to buy a sailboat and live on that like we learned the Hemingway’s  did in their podcast.  Then we were going to RV around the US. The upfront costs of each those caused us to rethink things, and had us thinking about picking a region we could explore for a year.  South East Asia was at the top of the list, followed by Central America.  Meaningful worship was important to us.  As was learning a second language.  Every time you cross a border in SE Asia the language changes, not to mention the languages aren’t super easy to learn anyway.  There are no English speaking congregations of our church in SE Asia, so we turned our attention to Central America.  Spanish is a language we felt we could tackle.  When we cross a border there the language doesn’t change…much.  While they still didn’t have many if any congregations in English we felt meaningful worship could be achieved through language study.  I had been to Guatemala twice for work, and really enjoyed my time there.  the country was beautiful and the people we so nice.

There were a lot of things that led us this point.  We fell in love with our house the minute we saw it.  Ultimately that led us to homeschooling through people we met.  Which led us to form relationships with like minded individuals who helped us change our mindset.  We had fallen out of love with our house which made it easier to sell.  All the pieces were falling into place.  I never went anywhere twice for work, yet I ended up in Guatemala twice.  I had read a blog about a family that had intended to pass through Guatemala on the way to somewhere else, and ended up staying for two and half years.

We have enjoyed watching one of our friends families rent out their house and move into their RV to travel the country full time and another family sell their house and buy some property so they could build their own off grid house and live their dreams.  They have helped inspire us to live ours!

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  1. Definitely following your posts. Ready for the next one!

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