Holy Crap Are We Really Doing This? Part 1

That’s what I keep asking myself over the last few days.  Wednesday I felt like I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  I was trying to get everything done that I could before our departure to Guatemala by car.  This was our van as I started packing, Instant Pot and all.

I was not a traveler when I got married.  I had been out of the country one time before then, and it didn’t go well.  Then I met my wife.  She had been to Europe, and the Middle East.  Together we went on a Caribbean cruise, and an all inclusive resort in Mexico, but my eyes were opened, and was bitten by the travel bug on a trip to visit her cousin in Brunei on the island of Borneo.  On this trip we had almost no plans we just showed up in Malaysia with a couple of days to kill before moving on to Brunei and by the time we left I was hooked.  From that time on, I was on travel blogs and podcasts finding out about places all over the world.  There were few places I didn’t want to go.  We had kids though and no one travels with kids, or so I thought.  Trista’s parents had been serving a mission in Swaziland and we wanted to go visit them, but where would we put up the kids while we were gone.  If we were going that far we wanted to make it worth our while and spend at least three weeks.  Ultimately we decided to take the kids with us.  In theory it sounded fun, but inside I thought I was crazy.  I was so wrong.  The kids were so good and we had such a good time.  It totally changed the trip, but in such good ways.  I got home and started googling family travel.  I found the Family Adventure Podcast which was fun to listen to, but when they interviewed themselves it resonated with me.  So much so that one night after the kids were in bed I heard Trista pull into the garage.  I quickly put on the podcast of that interview, pretending to listen to it for the first time.  (She needs to come to her own conclusions and not just hear it come from me)  She listen to the whole thing, and we never really talked about it.  The next day I got a call at work and she said “let’s do it”, and the plan was started.

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  1. I love this! I am so excited to see your adventures and growth as a family and individuals. Happy travels!!

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