I had not made up my mind if I wanted to travel to see the total eclipse when I first started hearing about it.  Once I started hearing more about it though I knew I wanted to see it with my own eyes.  One of my favorite YouTubers did a video on it that really got me excited, but it was a this TED talk that pushed me over the edge.  After that, I knew I had to go.  I have seen partial, or annular eclipses before.  They are cool, but there was so much hype for the total eclipse, and it wouldn’t be this close to my home for another 38 years it seemed silly not to go.  We homeschool our kids so what teacher wouldn’t want their student to see this phenomenon with their own eyes?

We ended up with last minute plans in Pavilion Wyoming.  It worked out perfectly.  Pavilion is right on the centerline for the totality.  An entrepreneurial horse farmer renting out his lawn on Airbnb guaranteed us a 2min and 23-second duration for totality.  As luck would have it, the aforementioned YouTuber would be in Lander Wyoming for the eclipse and to record a live episode of a podcast he does.  We would have an opportunity to meet him.

All of that helped make it a great weekend, but totality.   Totality exceeded my expectations in every way.  You can google some impressive pictures, but seeing it with my own eyes was A-MA-ZING.  I cannot describe to in words what I saw. It just wouldn’t do it justice.  I felt the eclipse as much as I saw it, maybe even more.  Back at work, I had two coworkers who saw it as well.  We had to talk about it, only we didn’t have the words.  We confirmed though it was as amazing as we thought it was.  It wasn’t just the hype.  I have to see that again.  I will see it again.

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