Have you ever met anyone that felt strongly that they didn’t like something when you know they haven’t really given it a try?  You know though that nothing you can say will ever change their mind.  I know someone like that too.  I married her.

Trista didn’t know how to swim.  I said didn’t so you know where this is going.  I tried to teach her once, but failed miserably.  She didn’t mind the water she just literally didn’t know how to swim.  We would take the kids swimming, but you don’t need to know how to swim to do that, so it worked.

Trista owns a bike.  She’s ridden it.  I’ve seen her.  She’s never enjoyed it. We would ride to the Arctic Circle with the kids.  Not the actual arctic circle, while fun and quite far from here, but the fast food joint Arctic Circle.  We would transport our bikes to the Jordan River parkway so she could do her kind of biking, COMPLETELY flat.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here, but I like bikes.

Trista never liked running.  I have signed up for a couple of running events and she would question anyone’s willingness to just go out and run.  Her observation is that no one looks like they are having fun.  They all look like they are in pain.  Not much has changed here she still pretty much feels that way.

Fast forward to a few months ago.  Her sister has the idea to do a triathlon.  It was kind of a big deal because she felt the same way about the three sports involved that Trista did.   Trista hummed and hawed about whether to do it, but decided to sign up.  Training started and immediately she wondered what she had gotten herself into.  She started going to the pool to teach herself to swim and the coolest thing happened.  There was a masters swimming class going on the mornings she went to practice.  The instructor of that class took notice and quickly told her that she was not a good swimmer, but she could help her become one.  She loves to teach swimming, but the people that come to her class don’t need that much help.  She told Trista if she came a little earlier she would help her, and boy did she!  I mean check it out!  This girl didn’t know how to swim, and now she swims 300 meters.  You can walk in that pool, but she was determined not to walk.  She would swim the entire distance.

So this girl who had no desire to ride a bike had to get on one to do this event.  We are about the same height so I made some minor adjustments to my road bike and put her on it.  She was nervous at first, but it didn’t take her long to get the hang of it.  Another strange thing happened, she liked it.  Not only did she like riding a bike she like riding hills!  The day of the event came, the course was an out and back.  At the furthest point out was a hill you went down then back up.  For whatever reason the cut the hill out and had them turn around at the top.  Trista was bummed.  She actually asked the cop blocking the road if it was okay if she rode the the hill anyway!  (He said no.)


Check out that smile!

I have no good story for the run.  She did it.  She probably enjoys it a little more now than she did, but it won’t be her first choice.


Never the less and not withstanding, I’m impressed.  The transformation in her abilities and enthusiasm was fun to watch.  She started out to do hard things, but by they time the triathlon came I don’t even think it was that hard at that point.  She exceeded her own expectations and mine as well.  She already has plans for next years triathamom.  It was fun to watch her on this little adventure.


The full group of triathamoms.

P.S. We are now in the market for a women’s road bike.  Crazy!

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  1. Taunia Lombardi says: Reply

    Terry, you have me in tears. That is my amazing daughter that has so many talents and whom I dearly love. I love those triathamoms of mine. And so proud of them. It is hard for me to believe that they are doing these “hard” “fun” things and together. Much more fun to accomplish something big with those you love by your side. Thanks for being so wonderful to my daughter.

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